The Mindfulness Deck is a 53-card deck that teaches you how to transform your life by:

- Empowering you to solve your own problems

- Showing you how to clear your low vibe energy

- Teaching you how to connect to your intuition

- Creating space to expand your consciousness


The Mindfulness Deck

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Pull a card daily, weekly, or monthly and create a habitual relationship with your mindfulness practice

> 55 cards in total: 53 mindfulness cards, one bio card, one instruction card

> spiritual guidance on how to clear negative emotions, connect to your intuition, and expand your conciousness for personal, spiritual, and emotional growth.

>Downloadable digital guide book

> Video + audio podcast episodes diving deep into every card with tangible take-aways

>Can be used with other oracle, affirmation and tarot decks

> Please note this is a PRE-ORDER product. Your Mindfulness Deck will be shipped from Vancouver, BC. on the week of September 14th 2020, and aims to arrive 5-10 business days after it is shipped within Canada. International orders will take between 10-15 days.

> Made in Canada

Master your energy & tap into your inherent worthiness.

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manifest the life of your dreams

 with your intuition & action

Feel sexy for the first time in months.

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Strengthen the relationship you have with your intuition, so you can put action behind your potential.

Practice bravery & trust to manifest the life of your dreams.

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"When I got trust the universe, I seriously thought OH COME ONNNNNN... There's a specific situation in my life that's currently out of my control so getting told to basically chill out made me laugh, but at least I know"

- Hillary

The Mindfulness Deck

Regular price $39.99
Unit price  per 

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