How to know what season you're in

Welcome back my spiritual hustlers!

Today we're breaking down our personal SEASONS! Just like nature we all have seasons, some provide us with growth and success while others provide us with shedding and healing. The spaces between these polar extremes, are where we’re planting and reflecting.

Let me break down your fall, winter, spring and summer for you.

Fall is a time of reflection. It's a time when the remnants of summer feel like a close memory but you know it’s time to drive into the sunset and shed what no longer brings you joy.

Winter is a magical place - it connects you with you inner warmth, with the joy that brews naturally within you and connects you with the seeds you want to plant for spring.

Spring brings us out of our deep contemplation, a time where we can see some of our seeds start popping off and outta the ground. It's a time when we know our harvest is coming and shits about to get REAAAL RIPE.

Oh baby and then there's Summer - a time where glory is all around us and we bask in our joy and collect the fruits of our labour. The hardest part of summer? Is being ok with feeling good and accepting all of the abundance around us. It’s a time where we can truly seize the moment and soak up the high vibrational energy of our own doing.

So great su, you told us all about them seasons - now how do I be real with myself and know where I'm at? 

Well, number one - while I was sitting here spitting them nature facts, you know one connected with your body more than the others - that’s step one, trusting and listening to your body knowledge and what it’s telling you.

If you missed that inkling in yourself, then I want you again to close your eyes RIGHT NOW and take in a A DEEP BELLY BREATH and ask yourself, what season am I in? Trust the first season that comes to your mind.

Once you know the seasons you're in:

1. Feel gratitude for where you're at and offer yourself compassion (even if you're in your summer)

2. JOURNAL - write openly and freely about how your current situation is like the weather. An easy way to do this is to think about water, does your current vibe feel like still water? or a rumbling ocean?

3. Honour yourself, ask yourself "how can I maneuver this weather?" whatever pops into your mind is your intuition speaking to you.

Knowing the season you're in offers you self-awareness. I want to encourage you to embody compassion for yourself. One way I love to show myself compassion is by physically giving myself a hug and saying YOU GOT THIS SHAWTY, and hey afterwards I realize damn I give some guud luuvin hugs!

Keep being the mindful, spiritual hustler you already are! 




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