How to have your own back and step into your POWER

Welcome back my spiritual hustlers!

We all know what it feels like to be disempowered. That feeling of not being within yourself, and feeling dim. This feeling is one that comes in waves as we continue to transform and shed our old ideologies.

When I’m in my own power is when I have my own back, I know, accept, and honour who I am. I’m making the best decisions for myself, even if they’re not necessarily the ones I want to make. I’m confident in myself and goals.

If you’re struggling with this it’s time to reconnect with your power.

Your personal power is connected to our solar plexus chakra. This chakra is in our upper belly and when blocked can limit our personal power, cause issues with self-esteem, and lose a sense of direction and purpose.

So how do we unblock this chakra and step into our power?

Citrine and tiger’s eye stones help, as well as, chamomile, cedarwood, and bergamot essential oils, but you need to do the real life work standing between you and your power.

What I want you to do is grab your journal and think of a time when you felt disempowered, shamed, or felt like you were not standing within yourself.

Maybe it’s how you feel now, maybe it’s how you felt a few months ago. Just think of that time and really feel it and write it down.

Don’t feel scared. Feel as if you’re releasing it. Emotions are just energy in motion, so allowing yourself to feel that also allows you to release that.

Then I want you to feel what it would feel like to forgive yourself for those feelings, let them go, and realign with your power. Continue by writing down the shifts that forgiveness would bring and how it would align you with your inner power.

Now meditate on that and slowly step back into that feeling. Feel your entire body filling with your new found sense of worthiness and self-love. When you do this you are mindfully changing your body chemistry. You’re taking back control of your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

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Until next time, keep being the spiritual hustler you already are!




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