How to Write a Mind Map

Welcome back my spiritual hustlers!

Today we're talking MIND MAPS!

Mind maps are one of the easiest ways to cut the fog and get to the root of your situation. It’s thought that mind maps go back to the 3rd century AD when philosophers used visuals to better formulate their ideas. When you feel completely foggy, irritable, and you have fuckitty energy it’s a great time to check in with yourself using a mind map. We constantly have so many things in our mind and long to-do lists, so it’s too much to expect to sort through all of that in our heads.

This is how I mind map:

1. Grab paper and pens

2. Draw a stick figure in the middle of the paper. I put mine in a skirt, who said a foggy brained girl couldn't be a cute one? 

3. Draw a line to how you feel right now, from that word write what made you feel that way.

4. Continue drawing lines and asking yourself "why" for everything you write down.

Here are some shortcut questions you can ask yourself:

* How do I feel right now

* Work is

* My relationship is making me feel

* I would love to

* I want to change

* If ..

At first it might feel really difficult to write things down and may even be a series of you writing fuck this, and fuck that, and fuck this to.. but eventually you'll want to start writing something else and hopefully answer:

- Why you were stressed out

- How you can address your current problem

- Why you felt the way you felt

- Understand your thoughts, emotions and intentions

Mind mapping is a great start to unravel the next steps on your journey. You can continue to strengthen your self-awareness meter and master your energy with The Mindfulness Deck.

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