53 Days of Mindfulness

Welcome to 53 Days of Mindfulness! My name is Summan Kandola and I am your host and the creator of the Mindfulness Deck. The Mindfulness Deck is an actionable 55 card deck that takes you on a journey of self-understanding, healing, and habit building. 
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This series is both your bite-size daily dose of mindfulness tools AND is your digital guidebook to the Mindfulness Deck. I’m SO grateful that you’ve tuned in and have committed to mastering your energy and tapping into your abundance with me.
Available on Youtube, Apple, Spotify and more.
In a time where self-care is SO important and can be mistaken for vanity, I intend to guide you to do the REAL LIFE work standing between where you are and where you are going. My goal here is to arm you with an unfuckable toolbox to strengthen the relationship you have with your intuition and to support you in clearing, connecting and expanding your energy so you can balance your spiritual health while crushing your goals.
Available on Youtube, Apple, Spotify and more.
The 53 mindfulness tools I’m about to share are some of the best holistic personal, emotional, and spiritual growth tools I’ve built myself up with after years of unravelling unhealthy coping mechanisms.  Each mindfulness tool will correspond to one of the 53 cards I’ve created in this mindfulness deck and will prompt you to take immediate action to work through the energy you’re currently embodying. 
If you’re new to spirituality, mindfulness, mediation, energy work or any of the practices - don’t stress, I GOT YOU, in addition to our podcast we have created this blog to support you on your journey to self healing and understanding. 
This journey will not be easy but it will be fulfilling. 53 Days of Mindfulness will require you to take a real, honest, and compassionate look at yourself and provide you with the immediate actions to take that will cut through your bullshit to the good shit.
Available on Youtube, Apple, Spotify and more.
This series is produced by Self Hired, a content production studio specializing in podcast production, videography, and brand photography. 53 Days of Mindfulness is sponsored by DelushCBD, a holistic wellness company. 

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