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Welcome back my spiritual hustlers,

Today it's all about MEDITATION!

Meditation is the roadmap to your mind, spirit, and soul. You probably already know this, but meditation is a mother fucking game changer. 

First let's address one of the main resisters I hear people indulge in: "I can't quiet my mind down to meditate"

Quieting your mind is misconception number one. Meditation ain’t about thinking about nothing, It’s about looking at what you think about differently.

Let me paint you an example (that I learned from a bomb app - headspace

Imagine you’re driving down the road and you’re noticing the car to the right of you, the car to the left, in front, and behind. You’re noticing their colour, make, the drivers. Everything - you can’t help but be in their presence.

Then you park your car, go up to your apartment on the top floor, you go out to the balcony and look down at the same road you were just on. You still see the cars, but your view is different. 

When you meditate you’re not going to think of nothing, more so you’re going to look at what you think about differently. You’re going to see your thoughts like clouds or cars that are just there - that don’t necessarily require you to interact with them.

When I started meditating 5 years ago I didn’t know what to do. 

And to be honest I didn’t start with all the apps that are available today - I started with simply learning how to breathe, calming my body, and then easing my mind with a guided meditation I found on youtube.

Did this shit work instantly? HELL NO - but I did feel better after the first time, I knew I hadn’t sunk into a meditative state but I did spend some quality time chilling the fuck out. So just like any skill I came back to it, every sing day for 6 mins a day. 

And eventually yeah, ya gurl meditated for four hours and felt high as kite all day!

Jokes aside, when I finally surrendered and gave it a real shot, the effects hit differently. It took me a year to learn how to sit, breathe, let my emotions flow, but this is why I say it’s a game gave me the inner road map to intuition, seeing the world around me, understanding my own energy, and trusting myself.

Meditation clears your energy fields, so you can fully operate with mindfulness. If you’re new to meditation, I’ve added a guided meditation by some of my favourite youtubers below.

I suggest trying to mediate laying down, on your bed, on the floor, legs up, whatever - just start and try, the higher the investment becomes - then you can think about perfecting the details. First, learn how to ease into your own energy body!

Chakra Cleansing Meditation

Clear Negative Energy Meditation

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