Summan Kandola is a Vancouver based creative passionate about personal, emotional, and spiritual development, and has turned that into a lifelong commitment to learn and share the power of self-discovery.
Summan has interviewed prestigious creatives including Jazzy B, Sam Roberts Band, and has produced 100+ community segments in the greater Vancouver area. Summan has produced and starred in her web series Suru the Guru, How To Be Famous, and co-hosted her pilot podcast “The Sisi & Susu Show”, which all challenged ideas of society and pop culture.
After learning the many lessons of early entrepreneurship Summan joined forces with Self Hired, a Vancouver based content production studio where she proudly co-produced FWE Canada’s podcast “The Go-To”.
As the founder and host of xoandhustle, Summan’s goal is to create avenues for individuals to communicate openly and intentionally about their personal, emotional, and spiritual development through mindful products and conversations.
Keep the conversation flowing online at @xoandhustle